Water Aeration for Aquaculture and Fish Hatcheries

Maintain Optimum Dissolved Oxygen in Your Fish Farming Operation

In a SINGLE step


Blow Off CO2 and Ammonia

Convert Nitrites to Nitrates

Reach Atmospheric O2 Saturation

All in less than 30 seconds!

How Effective Is the Maelstrom OxidIzer®?

Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (“OTE”) is measured in pounds of oxygen transferred per horsepower hour (“lbs/HpH”). A relatively efficient surface aerator can boast an OTE of 3lbs/HpH. The MO transfers 25lbs/HpH, often using less electricity than legacy aeration systems and, where chemicals are used to increase pH, chemical usage and expense are reduced, if not eliminated.

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Transferring Oxygen to Water at

On-site Water Testing is Available.


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