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In a SINGLE step


Out-gasses CO2

Increases pH

Accelerates the Conversion of Ferrous to Ferric

How Effective Is the Maelstrom OxidIzer®?

The Maelstrom Oxidizer® (“MO”) is the most effective and efficient in-line, mechanical aeration equipment on the market. By transferring O2 at a rate of up to 25 lbs/HpH, the MO out-gasses CO2, increases pH and accelerates the conversion of Ferrous to Ferric, thereby accelerating Fe precipitation. All being done with a fraction of the chemicals required in an all-chemical treatment train (and occasionally chemicals are eliminated). Because the MO is placed early in the treatment train and because the pH curve increases exponentially, the MO moves pH in the flatter, harder portion of the curve.

Transferring Oxygen to Water at

On-site Water Testing is Available.


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