Industrial Aerator Installation and Maintenance

“Maintaining the Maelstrom Oxidizer® is extremely important for continued savings. Efficiency can be reduced as buildup occurs in the chambers, and with each small drop in pH the amount of chemicals needed can rise by 10 times!”

— Jim Oliver, VP of Operations
    Somerset Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Low, But Important Maintenance

The Maelstrom Oxidizer® doesn’t require a lot of time-consuming or costly maintenance compared to other water treatment systems on the market; however, iron or scale can build up within the chambers and reduce the efficiency of the system (see “The Power of pH”). If not addressed, this buildup will reduce the system's efficiency causing a need for more chemicals to reach compliance. We offer a specially designed cleaning tool and recommend regular cleaning based on your specific conditions. We also offer to do this for you for an affordable rate by qualified representatives who understand how each system works for a given site.

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