Maelstrom Oxidizer Industrial Aerator Precipitates Heavy Metals from AMD Water


Breathing life into polluted waters.

Somerset Environmental Solutions, Inc. is committed to honesty, safety and sustainability. We understand the environmental and economic pressures facing the mining industry today and are committed to using our patented Maelstrom Oxidizer® to provide incredible savings and regulatory compliance for our customers.

Our Maelstrom Oxidizer® is a revolutionary system and method for transferring mass quantities of oxygen into poor quality raw water to oxidize and precipitate heavy metals. We are so sure our water remediation technology will benefit you that we offer a payment plan based on guaranteed cost savings. If these thresholds are not met, you don't pay.

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The Company We Keep

We have exciting news. Recently, we joined forces with Somerset Coal International, a company that offers unique technology in the field of fine coal recovery. See how its Sub325™ fine coal recovery system is creating a whole new revenue stream for mining companies. Visit

SES is continuously looking to apply this wonderful technology in other industries. We have seen results for the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen ammonia in our lab. We believe the Maelstrom Oxidizer® can be applied successfully in the wastewater treatment industry and in fish hatcheries for oxygen deficient waters.

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